Working Moms Can Breastfeed, Too

If you’re planning on returning to work but worry about how you will manage to continue breastfeeding your baby, an online guide may help make the transition easier.

The federal website “business case for breastfeeding” educates employers about the financial benefits to helping their employees continue to breastfeed when they going back to work. From lower health care and insurance costs to fewer sick days, employers can save money by supporting their employees who want to continue breasfeeding.

Providing a private place to express milk and offering on-site lactation support are two recommendations from federal health officials.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends women exclusively breastfeed their infants for the first six months. After that, mothers should still breastfeed as they introduce foods until their baby reaches his or her first birthday. Women should breastfeed as long as mutually desired, according to the AAP.

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