Yuck! Cellphones Are Big in the Bathroom

The secret is out and now we know that 75% of Americans with a cellphone are using their phones during their trips to the bathroom.  Don’t pretend to be shocked; chances are you’re one of them!

Marketing agency 11mark asked 1,000 U.S. mobile phone users about their tech habits for its IT in the Toilet study and found that 750 were using their phones while attending to bathroom business.

What’s so important that it can’t wait two minutes? Well, a little bit of everything!. About 67% were reading texts, 63% were talking on the phone, and 13% of men were reported making a purchase on the john. Android users are apparently 10% more likely to use their phones in the bathroom than iPhone users.

With this in mind, it’s shocking that only 19% of individuals report dropping their phones into the toilet.

Jokes aside, there’s a real health concern that goes along with bathroom phone use. While most survey respondents (over 90%) are fastidious and wash their hands after using the restroom only 14% cleaned their phones. Which means that those disinfected hands are picking right back up where they left off once they touch their cellphones.

Think about that next time you’re borrowing a friend’s phone or snuggling your phone.

+ It’s cold and flu season! Have you visited your primary care physician for a physical or flu shot yet?

Source: CNet News “IT in the Toilet: Study shows cell phones big in bathroom”

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