Dr. Price: Care-A-Van Reaches Those in Need

Dr. Amy Price

In 2010, Dr. Amy Price was hired as the first medical director for Bon Secours Care-A-Van in Hampton Roads. Now, just two short years later, and thanks to generous donors and grant support, the mobile free clinic ministry will soon have two fully staffed Hampton Roads-dedicated vehicles. Recently, Price took time to talk about Care-A-Van.

Q. What’s new for Care-A-Van in 2012?
A. With the second Care-A-Van vehicle beginning visits this spring, we will greatly increase our capacity. We had been seeing 270 to 300 patients a month with just one team, so we expect to double that number. Our staff has also done an amazing job of increasing the free medications we provide, and we expect this volume to grow as well.

Q. Where will the new van stop?
A. The van will go two days a week to the Suffolk area and then add additional days in areas where we’re well established — Norfolk, Portsmouth and Newport News. The need is great. At many stops, all available slots are filled by 9 a.m.

Q. Share a story about someone served by Care-A-Van.
A. In Hampton Roads, many of our patients work at least part-time, but don’t have insurance. For example, in Newport News, we have a patient who is a longshoreman who isn’t working much because of the economy. He’s about 45 years old and fit — very intelligent and kind. He comes to see us because he has high blood pressure. But recently he asked us to look at a mole on his back … The preliminary diagnosis is cancer. The oncologist took an immediate interest in him. It’s a testament that everyone this guy comes into contact with doesn’t want to lose him. I’m also thinking about a young woman with three kids who we discovered had a tumor in her jaw. She moved to North Carolina because North Carolina Medicaid immediately enrolled her in its program. She called me to let me know that she had surgery and chemotherapy, and she’s now cancer free. If it had been caught any later, the prognosis would not have been good.

“Bon Secours’ support has remained strong even in this difficult economy. I think about it a lot, and it’s a strong testimony to its mission. We don’t raise any profit, but our impact is priceless.”

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