Overcoming Barriers To Weight Loss

Everyone knows diet and exercise are key components to losing weight. So what makes some people more successful than others in keeping the weight off?

The answer, according to Dr. Phillip Snider, may be that successful individuals understand outside influences and learn to use them for their success instead of their failure.

Snider, a board-certified family physician and medical director of the Bon Secours Weight Loss Institute, says that finding a way to finally get your weight under control can be an uphill battle.

“My goal is to make people aware of what influences us to do something that we don’t want to do,” he said. “Many times, we are blind to those sources.”

Subtle marketing can be a huge influence. By recognizing those attempts to sway their choices, consumers can avoid pitfalls. Snider believes that dieters should begin by avoiding temptation. For example, keeping snacks at home makes it too easy to overeat. “Controlling your environment is very important.”

Another tip is learning to make others your allies in weight loss. “Friends and family can end up being accomplices instead of supporters,” said Snider. “They influence you to eat larger portions of higher calorie foods. “You need to let them know when they’re hampering your efforts and ask for their assistance instead. They will usually be glad to help.”

Your chances of success will skyrocket, said Snider, when you learn to use these influences in your favor. For instance, set aside a small sum of money each week. At the end of the week, if you’ve met goals, the money goes toward a healthy reward. But if you haven’t met your goals, the money goes for a negative cause – maybe a political candidate you dislike.

Patients at his practice learn about nutrition, but they also have to learn to overcome emotional eating. “You can’t avoid eating and changing eating habits is tough. You have to make a decision 21 times a week about what you’re going to eat.”

“Imagine telling somebody to quit smoking but allowing them to puff a cigarette three times a day.”

Some people decide to enlist experts to design their change plans. For them, Bon Secours has a number of weight loss options to help!

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