Short Winter Spells Trouble for Pollen Sufferers shows that pollen counts have risen with the unseasonably warm temperatures. Some areas have already experienced record highs of pollen. While the warm weather can have an impact on pollen counts, a shorter, more mild winter is the more likely culprit. With record high temperatures in February, many areas are seeing trees and flowers blooming earlier than normal.

If you’re an allergy sufferer, this may spell trouble for your sinuses over the next few weeks as these budding plants enjoy the warmer weather. Here are some tips for surviving an especially pronounced season:

  1. Close the Windows – Keep your car and house windows closed and run the air conditioning on the recycled air setting to help minimize the amount of pollen in your air.
  2. Shower at Night – Taking a shower before going to bed can remove pollen that has collected on your hair and skin.
  3. Wipe Down Pets – Wash off your cat or dog’s paws and fur with a damp cloth if they’ve been outdoors to prevent them from tracking pollen indoors.
  4. Avoid the Outdoors – If possible, avoid outdoor activities until early evening when pollen counts tend to be lower.
  5. Visit the Doctor – If you haven’t already, arrange an appointment with an allergist for a proper diagnosis of your triggers and to develop a treatment plan.

Allergy sufferers can also look into purchasing locally produced honey for relief. Adding local honey to your diet can help your body recognize and break down the proteins in the types of pollen around you.

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