An Interview with Dr. Alessio Salsano, Author of “The High Calling”

Dr. Alessio Salsano, joined Bon Secours Medical Associates at Virginia Beach three years ago after almost 25 years in his own practice. He recently authored a book, “The High Calling: A Christian Physician’s Journey through the Career of Medicine.”

Why did you join Bon Secours?
I was going through some challenging times and asking God why these things were happening. Part of my realization led me to Bon Secours. It’s nice to be part of an organization whose views on a lot of things I share. I really appreciate that at new employee orientation they encourage staff to pray with patients.

How does spirituality affect how you practice medicine?
When I can, I bring up my faith and will pray with people. I came to a real serious faith when I graduated college, and I decided that I wanted to incorporate my spirituality into my practice. It has been an integral part of my career and my life.

What do your patients say about your spirituality?
I have always received positive feedback by people of all faiths. And my book has been a nice way for me to reach those who may not be comfortable going to church.

What has it been like at Bon Secours?
I continue to see new patients every day, and it has been a pleasure working with the many fine people here at Bon Secours.

Want to make an appointment with Dr. Salsano? Call his family practice in Virginia Beach directly at (757) 305-1797!

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