3 Slighty Healthier Easter Goodies

Easter is only second to Halloween when it comes to national candy consumption. Over 140 million pounds of Peeps, creme eggs, and jelly beans enter American homes in plastic eggs and baskets lined with fake grass. The Easter Bunny even edges out Valentine’s Day!

We know that chocolate rabbits can be a tradition at your Easter celebration, but this year consider sharing some healthier candies with your friends and family too. Here are three sweet, relatively less sugary treats, to give loved ones:

  1. Pudding Cups – Sugar-free pudding is a low-calorie alternative to candy that can help satisfy your sweet tooth without the sugar-induced lethargy. Homemade pudding can be made in large batches and sealed in individual containers for cost savings too!
  2. Bunny Shaped Graham Crackers – These seasonal treats can be found at your local grocery store. Easter themed graham crackers are a festive and high-fiber addition to your Easter basket.
  3. Dark Chocolate – Sometimes holidays just aren’t the same without a little bit of chocolate. Choose the darker variety and you’ll also benefit from the antioxidants it contains. Remember – chocolate is still chocolate, so enjoy it in moderation!

Do you have any other healthy Easter tricks and tips? Tell us about them in the comments!

Source: FoxNews.com

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