Menthol Smokers More Susceptible to Stroke

A new study in the Archives of Internal Medicine has found that menthol cigarette smokers are more likely to have a history of stroke than smokers who prefer other types of cigarettes.

Researchers found that menthol cigarette smokers were more than twice as likely to have a stroke than non-menthol smokers. The risk was more than three times higher for women and non-blacks. The investigators speculate that menthol may increase the amount of time smokers hold the smoke in – which leads to more particulate entering the lungs.

Experts say that although the study highlights the potential health dangers for menthol smokers, other types of cigarettes are not much safer. There is no “good” cigarette. While menthol cigarettes may place a smoker at even higher risk for stroke, any kind of cigarette will raise your risk for cancer, heart disease, lung disease, and pulmonary issues.

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