What You Don’t Know Might Hurt You: Preventive Screenings for Men

Men tend to avoid getting a regular health checkup – waiting to visit their primary care doctor until they have symptoms of a disease. While this may seem more practical then sticking to annual exam schedules, sometimes the mere presence of symptoms can mean extra difficulty for doctors when it comes to curing or managing the disease.

For instance, in most cases colorectal cancer is “preventable, treatable, and beatable” – provided that individuals stick to screening schedules. Colonoscopies and other colorectal cancer screenings can identify polyps before they come cancerous – enabling skilled colorectal surgeons to quickly and painlessly remove them. However, once a patient experiences the symptoms of colorectal cancer (including bloody stool, constipation, and weight loss), the odds of preventative treatment are much, much lower.

So if you – or a loved one – are the type who avoids the doctor, you might want to change your game plan. Start by using this interactive tool to find out which health screenings you need.

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