Being Good Help to Families

During this time of year, we celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Yet, maintaining strong families is incredibly challenging. Pressures of life can create strains, which then begin to stress communities. At Bon Secours, we honor families all year, not just during these national holidays, by providing good help. Our mission is not good health; it’s good help. This is the broader definition of who we are and how we see our role in the communities we serve.

At Mary Immaculate Hospital and more recently at DePaul Medical Center, Bon Secours offers a highly successful parenting program, Family Focus. During the last fiscal year, we served more than 500 families, having about 5,000 interactions with them. Strengthening families aligns closely with our Catholic tradition and, ultimately, serves to improve the health of those in our community.

We help everyday families as well as families in especially trying circumstances – incarceration or deployment, among others. Our education helps prevent and bring awareness to child abuse and child suicide. And our most popular class, 1-2-3 Magic, focuses on safe and successful parenting practices.

Families are the fabric of a community, and I am proud to work within an organization that understands this, as together we weave a stronger foundation for all of us.

Patricia L. Robertson
CEO Bon Secours Mary Immaculate Hospital and Bon Secours Virginia Extended Care Services

Learn about an array of services for families, which include parent education classes and support groups for parents and caregivers at, our online events calendar, or (757) 886-6511!

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