New Moms Should Consider Cloth Diapering

Considering cloth diapers for your baby, but concerned they won’t fit into your busy lifestyle? Modern cloth diaper advocates will tell you that new design options can help you save time, money, and the environment without sacrificing convenience.

Unlike disposable diapers that depend on tape closures, modern cloth diapers use durable snaps and velcro to help secure them in place onto baby. They can also be cleaned easily in a washing machine at home – without the soaking and swirling that made cloth diapering so tedious and icky in the past.

Environmentally, cloth diapers cut down on trash production.

Perhaps most importantly, in these economic times, is the cost savings of cloth diapering. Disposable diapers can cost $25 or more per week, while cloth diapers are a one-time expenditure of a couple hundred bucks – and that’s to last through their baby’s entire “diapering years.” Those savings can really add up, especially when you factor in the cost of a second or third baby (who could also benefit from cloth diapers).

Some even argue that cloth diapers are easier on baby’s sensitive skin and cut down on skin rashes because they have to be changed more frequently than a disposable diaper, which would be capable of holding up to five “typical” wettings for a baby.

The bottom line? Don’t let old-fashioned stereotypes about cloth diapering keep you from exploring all your options, talk to your pediatrician before making the decision to use exclusively disposable diapers for your baby!

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