Treating Chronic Female Pelvic Pain

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Bunan Alnaif, MD, and patient Jessica Lonas

Female pelvic pain is widely described as any pain that a woman experiences below her belly button. “Pelvic pain” can refer to many types of pain, ranging from mild to sever, dull to sharp, pain during sex, pain during urination, and even severe cramping. This pain becomes “chronic” when it persists for at least six months.

While pelvic pain is a relatively common complaint, it can result from a variety of conditions, including endometriosis, uterine fibroids, infection, diseases of the urinary tract, and chronic bladder irritation. Because of the variety of pain sources, it’s important that women visit their doctor as soon as they experience symptoms of pelvic pain. Physicians can conduct a pelvic exam in addition to blood and urine tests to help pinpoint the source of pain and establish a treatment to address the discomfort and return you to your quality of life.

Treating pelvic pain can be tricky as medical experts can’t always narrow down the specific cause of chronic pelvic pain. Depending on your specific issues, you may be treated with a simple medical prescription for birth control bills or hormones, sent to physical therapy for biofeedback and cognitive behavioral therapy, or referred for gynecologic surgery to remove a tumor. Again, your treatment options depend on your diagnosis, your physician’s recommendations, and your preferences.

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