Avoid Food Poisoning from Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Local farm stands are a wonderful way to add more fresh fruit and vegetables to your diet.

Just make sure to follow these food safety tips from the American Dietetic Association to avoid food poisoning from harmful bacteria that can contaminate fruits and vegetables whether they come from the farm stand near your home or an organic garden.

  • Visit the farmers market or produce stand early to buy food that has not been sitting out for hours.
  • Buy only what you intend to eat within one week.
  • Store fruits and vegetables that need to be refrigerated within two hours of buying them.
  • Toss leftover produce after it’s been sitting at room temperature for more than two hours. If it’s a particularly hot day, produce can go bad in an hour.
  • Wash and dry all fruits and vegetables before eating. Cut out bruised areas. Remove the outside leaves of a head of lettuce.
  • Do not use the same cutting board for fruits and vegetables that you use for raw meats.
  • Cook raw sprouts to reduce the risk of food poisoning

Source: American Dietetic Association

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