Colonoscopy’s Efficacy Confirmed Among Adults with Average Risk

New data confirms that routine colonoscopy screening is an effective test for colorectal cancer among adults who have a normal risk of developing the disease. Moreover, these findings support current public health recommendations for screening colonoscopy every 10 years in adults aged 50-75 years. Other interesting findings below:

  • Screening colonoscopy cut the risk for new-onset colorectal cancer by 51%, that the benefit from a single colonoscopy screen extended beyond 7 years.
  • Colonoscopy worked better than screening sigmoidoscopy.
  • When people had two, three, or more screening colonoscopies over time their risk of incident colorectal cancer fell further than after a single screening (two colonoscopies cut the risk by 59% and three or more colonoscopies cut the risk by 64%).

The study used data from two large, prospective, U.S. observational studies: the Nurses’ Health Study, which began in 1976 and initially included 121,700 U.S. women, and the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study, which began in 1986 and included 51,529 men.

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Source: “Colonoscopy’s Efficacy Confirmed in Average-Risk Adults”

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