All Oral Treatment for Chronic Hepatitis C Developed

Dr. Michell Shiffman of Bon Secours' Liver Institute of Virginia

Dr. Michell Shiffman of Bon Secours' Liver Institute of Virginia

The greatest advance in the treatment of chronic hepatitis C (HCV) is an all oral treatment which no longer uses interferon injections.  The Bon Secours Liver Institute of Virginia is currently the only site in Central and Tidewater Virginia that can offer patients living with chronic HCV this revolutionary new treatment.

Dr. Mitchell Shiffman leads a specialized liver disease treatment team at the Liver Institute in Newport News and Richmond, Virginia. His practice treats patients with acute and chronic liver disease of any cause, cirrhosis, liver cancer, and patients who are either waiting for or have received a liver transplant.

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Clinical Trials for Viral Hepatitis
Clinical trials offer patients with chronic liver disorders the opportunity to receive new and potentially highly effective medications that are not currently available by prescription.

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