Introducing the Bon Secours “Team Lean” Challenge

The “Team Lean Challenge” is a FREE 13-week fitness and nutrition program for Bon Secours Hampton Roads employees. Designed by Bon Secours Wellness and supported by fitness and nutrition experts at Bon Secours In Motion Physical Therapy and Sports Performance, the program will help employees shed body weight and adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors.

This pilot program is a challenge that incorporates teamwork to keep participants accountable and to create a support system. Trainers from Bon Secours In Motion will be captains for one to four teams of five to six Bon Secours employees. The trainers and dietitians will customize the fitness and nutrition plan to best suit their teams’ needs.

The Bon Secours Virginia Employee Wellness team will award prizes throughout the competition, with grand prizes presented at the conclusion of the program. The winning team will be the one with the total highest percentage of body weight lost. Winning team members and their trainer will receive $500 each.

Participants who lose 10% of their body weight or more and have met the participation guidelines, will be entered in a drawing for the grand prize — a week-long trip to a Biggest Loser Resort for himself/herself and a friend.

We will be publishing expert fitness and nutrition blogs from the In Motion experts, testimonials from challenge participants, and information about how to live a healthier life through the final weigh-in on October 28th. You can also keep up with the group on the official Bon Secours Hampton Roads Facebook page and Bon Secours In Motion Facebook page!

Through this process, we hope our employees will inspire others to begin or continue on their own wellness journey.

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