Pedometers Encourage Walking, Study Finds

If you wish to do more walking, try clipping on a pedometer.

A new study suggests that wearing one can influence how much you walk. Researchers found that 300 seniors living in New Zealand practically doubled their walking time when they wore pedometers.

The study was published in the Annals of Family Medicine.

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3 thoughts on “Pedometers Encourage Walking, Study Finds

  1. Jenny

    Yes, It is true that pedometer gives you accurate counting of your daily workouts. I’m using fit4-future’s MOVBand; this is a wrist worm pedometer. With that I can count my heart beat rate, my daily steps, running speed etc. they are selling it in lots of varieties.

  2. Donna daniel

    Where do I go to see the materials that you have for educational purposes for the community. I am an educator and am seeking pedometers for a walking group of seniors?

    1. BSHR

      Good afternoon, Donna!

      We don’t typically provide marketing materials, like pedometers, to members of the community directly. If you’re interested in purchasing some pedometers, stores like Walmart and Target tend to have good selections!

      Stay healthy,

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