Results of the First Weigh In!

We’ve conducted the first weigh-ins and the first winners have been officially announced! Here’s the list of participants leading the Team Lean Challenge by percentage of body fat lost! The list is separated by location and then by team:

Boo Williams
Team 1 – Amy Stephens (3.04)
Team 2 – Kayla Creech (3.32)
Team 3 – Richard Jackson (.96)

Chilled Ponds
Team 1 – Julie Schumacher (2.75)
Team 2 – Tracy Manning (3.39)

Harbour View
Team 1 – Melanie Bock (2.71)
Team 2 – Gerri Norman (2.31)
Team 3 – Tammy Oliver (4.59)

Healthy Way
Team 1 – Stacy Harris (2.3)
Team 2 – Rebecca McMahan (3.2)
Team 3 – Kimberly Spencer (.54)
Team 4 – Samantha Allen (1.37)

There are some big numbers on there! Keep up the good work everyone – and don’t forget to stick to the nutritional plans and workout routines set by your expert In Motion trainers. We have two months left in the competition, which means plenty of time for everyone to kick their weight loss efforts up, keep the number on the scale down, and start living a healthier life!

Remember, we’re publishing expert fitness and nutrition blogs from the In Motion experts to help share best weight loss practices. Participants and fans alike can follow the group’s progress and learn expert weight loss tips on the official Bon Secours Hampton Roads Facebook page and Bon Secours In Motion Facebook page! Through this process, we hope our Bon Secours Wellness team will inspire others to begin or continue on their own wellness journey.

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