Take “Thinking Green” To The Table

Many Americans are trying to reduce, reuse, and recycle as a means to improve our communities.  Another way we can work to improve our communities is by improving our health and making better food choices.

This country is facing an epidemic of obesity.  This cost of obesity in this country totals about $270 billion each year.  Some simple and consistent steps can help us to reduce this cost and reduce health risk factors for us, our families, and our communities.

Take “thinking green” to your table in two steps:  1) reduce your food costs and buy produce with a small environmental impact and 2) serve more plant foods on your plate.  The more plant food you eat, especially non- starchy vegetables, the fewer calories you consume and, more often than not, less money is spent. Aim for ½ a plate of fruit and non–starchy vegetables at lunch and dinner.  If you struggle with your vegetable servings, try to plan it as the first choices on your plate.  Make sure they take up space on your plate – and in your belly.

Try to think positively about choosing more fruits and non-starchy vegetables for your meals. Every day you should eat 5 to 9 different colors (with suggestions below):

  1. Red: apples, tomatoes, strawberry
  2. Orange: oranges, carrots, cantaloupes
  3. Yellow: apples, squash, pineapples
  4. Green: green beans, broccoli, lettuce
  5. Blue: blueberries, grapes, eggplant
  6. Indigo: black cherries, plums, purple peppers
  7. Violet: elderberries, purple cabbage, purple onions
  8. Brown: kiwi, mushrooms, pears
  9. White: cauliflower, white onions, turnips

You can use a variety of fruits and vegetables in your dishes. Fresh is best and can be found in the produce section. If you’re looking for frozen foods try to find light, no sugar added, and no added salt varieties.

This fresh fruit and vegetable heavy meal plan will help reduce many health risk factors! Bon Appétit!

Eating right boosts performance, endurance and recovery, and feeds muscle growth and repair. Eating right – not denying your body food – is also part of weight control and weight loss. The nutrition and weight loss experts at Bon Secours In Motion have created weight management programs throughout Hampton Roads that help you meet your fitness and performance goals.

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