Fitness Gain — With No Pain

Bon Secours Hampton Roads Sports Medicine, Orthopaedic Institute, athletic injury, sports performance, fall sports, concussionExercise can be good medicine. But overuse of any medicine can be harmful.

“Training errors are the most common cause of overuse injuries,” said Dr. Michael R. Simpson of Amelia Medical Associates, a Bon Secours Medical Group Practice. “This is often the result of too rapid acceleration of the intensity, duration, or frequency of your activity.”

To get just the right medicine:

  • „„Avoid “no pain, no gain” thinking.
  • „„Listen to your body. Use pain as a guide to tell you when to slow down or stop.
  • „„The 10 percent rule. You should not increase your training program or activity more than 10 percent per week to allow your body time for recovery.
  • „„Get good advice. When beginning an exercise program or sport, seek the advice of a sports medicine physician.

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