Going Gluten-Free

Gluten free products are becoming more and more popular with billions of dollars of sales a year. Proponents of gluten-free eating say that weight loss and better health are two benefits of cutting some carbs – but does eliminating gluten live up to its hype?

For those who suffer from celiac disease, in which gluten triggers gastrointestinal disorder, a gluten-free diet is necessary. However, celiac disease is fairly rare, with only about 1% of people affected by gluten.

Some individuals who find relief in a gulten-free diet for their GI problems may be coping with a gluten sensitivity. But, unlike those with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity doesn’t pose any long-term consequences for individuals.

If you’re trying to lose weight, experts recommend meeting with a registered dietitian for a consultant beforehand. Eliminating an entire protein from your diet can be tricky (gluten lurks in things like soy sauce and beer), and an adjusted meal plan may help you achieve better results.

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