New, Oral Treatment May Be Key to Hepatitis C Cure

Dr. Michell Shiffman of Bon Secours' Liver Institute of Virginia

Dr. Michell Shiffman of Bon Secours' Liver Institute of Virginia

The Liver Institute of Virginia is about to start very exciting new studies in hepatitis C (HCV) utilizing several oral medications and no interferon injections right here in southeastern Virginia!

For the past two decades peginterferon has been the primary medication utilized to treat chronic HCV.  Unfortunately, peginterferon causes many side effects which may include aches in the muscles and joints, fevers, loss of appetite, tiredness, anemia, nausea, diarrhea and suppression of the bone marrow.  These side effects prevent many patients from being effectively treated and cured of HCV.  Within the past two years several pharmaceutical companies have developed potent anti-viral drugs, and it is now believed that HCV can be cured in just 12-24 weeks with a combination of 2 or 3 of these potent anti-viral agents without using peginterferon.

Clinical trials utilizing oral anti-viral agents to treat and cure HCV without peginterferon are currently being conducted at the Liver Institute of Virginia offices in both Richmond and Newport News.  These studies are being sponsored by Abbott Pharmaceuticals and Gilead Pharmaceuticals.

Learn More About New, State-of-the-Art HCV Treatments
Patients who are interested in receiving treatment for hepatitis c (HCV) through one of these clinical trials can schedule an appointment to see Dr. Shiffman for more information. Dr Shiffman and his team at the Liver Institute of Virginia will help you explore your treatment options, including the possibility of participating in liver disease clinical trials in Richmond or Newport News.

Dr Shiffman is a consultant and advisor to many pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers. This enables Dr Shiffman to assist in the development of new treatments and tests for various liver disorders and the opportunity to bring these new medications and tests to patients at the Liver Institute of Virginia.

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