Team Lean Testimonial: “My insulin has been lowered…”

I am so very fortunate to be a part of this wonderful program! I was so excited prior to starting, and  everything and everyone has surpassed my expectations.

My insulin has been lowered from 110 units per day to 60 units per day, I have also had my blood pressure medication lowered. I know  all will continue to decrease. My goal is to get off of insulin totally.

All of my co team and In Motion at Boo Williams members are so great! Everyone is so happy and supportive of each other, and Christina, our trainer, is superb. She is so caring, always going above and beyond to help us, and she is so much fun.

My physical abilities have  improved greatly due to her. My thanks to everyone for everything!

Thelma Meadows

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2 thoughts on “Team Lean Testimonial: “My insulin has been lowered…”

  1. alicia jones

    I am very greatfull to the Bon Secours Team who came up with this challenge because it has inspired, motivated, and encouraged me to make serious health choices that I have not been able to ascertain due to health problems. Since I have been in this program my energy level is up, my blood pressure is down to the point where the doctor had to decrease the strength of my medication. I was uncertain if I would benefit from this program to lose any weight due to being on steroids for my condition, well I was wrong, I feel so good after working out with the AWESOME trainers at Healthy Way. I plan to continue working closely with them after the program is over. I personally want to thank Judy our nutritionist for helping me understand the nutritional information on foods when counting calories and salt consumption. I hope there are more programs and events to come because I have made some serious changes in my life since being a part of Team Lean and it was not easy and I made a commitment to myself to keep pushing forward because being overweight is a constant fight . Even if we had to pay for this TLC it still would be priceless because the results I see from it makes me SMILE. Thank you again for all your support in our quest to a new healthy you, healthy me.

    1. BSHR Post author


      We are SO happy to hear about your success with the program. We wish you nothing but continued success – KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! We’ll make sure to pass your compliment along to the In Motion and Team Lean staff!


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