Breast Reconstruction Sometimes Overlooked in Cancer Management

While breast surgery can be a taboo topic for breast cancer survivors, many experts claim that breast reconstruction surgery should be an essential part of a woman’s treatment plan in the management of breast cancer.

Losing breasts to cancer can significantly affect a woman’s appearance – and her self-esteem. Many mastectomy patients suffer from depression after their surgeries.

When should I begin my breast cancer screening?

Reconstructive surgery can be done in tandem with the mastectomy, but a new survey from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) shows that 70% of women are not fully information about reconstructive options heading into their treatment. The problem? Almost 90% of women would be interested in seeing reconstruction results before their mastectomy

To address the lack of breast reconstruction awareness, ASPS member surgeons are planning a “show and tell” event in October – breast reconstruction awareness day or “BRA” day USA.

Dr. Helen Guarda, a fellowship-trained breast reconstruction surgeon with Plastic Surgery Specialists in Suffolk, VA, will be supporting the event. “Nationwide only 17 – 20% of the women that get mastectomies are aware of their breast reconstruction options,” says Guarda, “this is a much-needed effort to make women aware of their post-mastectomy reconstruction options.”

The idea is to let cancer patients see for themselves what other women have been through.

Bra Day USA October 17th, 2012
National Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day will be held Oct 17. Please check out this website to find or support an awareness effort near you. Find out more about Bra Day USA at!

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Source: ABC News

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