Demand for Knee Replacements on the Rise

older couple exercisingA new study in JAMA finds that hospitals now are performing more than twice as many knee replacement surgeries as they were two decades ago, a trend that may be driving up health care costs in the United States.

Researchers examined data and found that the number of knee surgeries performed doubled from 1991 to 2010. Length of stay for these patients also decreased from 7.9 days in 1991-1994 to 3.5 days in 2007-2010. This shows that demand for knee replacement surgeries is on the rise and patients are being discharged more and more quickly.

The researchers attribute the potential increase in demand to various factors, including aging baby boomers who hope to maintain healthy and active lifestyles. They note that there has been an expansion in the types of patients who may benefit from replacements, and a rise in conditions that contribute to arthritis—namely obesity.

According to the study, demand for knee replacement surgeries could reach 3.5 million a year by 2030.

Considering Joint Replacement Surgery?
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