Employee Clinic Complements Health System’s Wellness Programs

Access to care for everyday illnesses just got a lot easier for Bon Secours Virginia employees and their families. The health system today announced the opening of the Good Health Clinic at Maryview Medical Center, which provides Bon Secours Virginia employees and their families with convenient access to care for non-emergency illnesses.

“The Good Health Clinic is an extension of Bon Secours Virginia’s mission to provide good help—not only to patients, but also to the staff members who take care of them,” said Michael K. Kerner, CEO of Bon Secours Hampton Roads. “It’s intrinsically tied to our values—when our bodies are healthy, our potential to care for others increases exponentially.”

With efficient walk-in appointments, employees and their families can get better and back to work and life faster. Located adjacent to Bon Secours Maryview Medical Center, the Good Health Clinic offers urgent walk-in care for coughs, colds and fevers. Referrals to specialists are available when appropriate, as well as health screenings and wellness programs. At the clinic, employees and their families can also sign up for the MyChart personal health record to view lab results, schedule appointments and communicate with their physicians.

The Good Health Clinic at Maryview is the second of five employee clinics Bon Secours plans to open across the system over the next two years. The first Good Health Clinic, located at St. Mary’s Hospital in Richmond, opened in September 2011, and has served hundreds of employees and families in its first year with treatment for a range of everyday illnesses.

“Having access to the Good Health Clinic will make a huge difference in the lives of our employees,” said Vickie Humphries, vice president of human resources for Bon Secours Hampton Roads. “Our employees work hard to care for our patients; we hope the clinic will make it easier for them to care for themselves and their families.”

Bon Secours Hampton Roads is partnering with Portsmouth Medical Associates to open the Good Health Clinic at Maryview. Portsmouth Medical Associates physicians, nurses and staff will provide care in their own practice and the Good Health Clinic, which shares a building with the practice.

Bon Secours Virginia has long been invested in the well-being of its employees and initiated the first extensive wellness program in the Commonwealth in 1993. The Good Health Clinic complements Bon Secours Virginia’s Employee Wellness and Employee Assistance programs, which provide comprehensive health services, including biometric screening, digital and on-site health coaching and strategic incentives. More than half of Bon Secours Virginia employees—nearly 5,000—participate in these programs.

Major health systems and other corporations in Hampton Roads and across the country are making similar commitments to employee health and wellness, and studies show that these types of investments improve health and reduce cost.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the United States spends more than $2.3 trillion a year on health care—more than 16 percent of the Gross Domestic Product–the highest among industrialized nations. Costs to care for chronic diseases—many of which can be prevented with diet, exercise and proactive care—account for the majority of this expenditure.

“Investments in employee wellness can proactively address many of the health conditions that burden us and our nation’s finances,” said Kerner. “Bon Secours Virginia encourages a culture of health based on a model of accountable care. By integrating resources such as the Good Health Clinic with our broader wellness programs, we hope not only to reduce costs, but also create a healthier workforce and healthier communities.”

For more information on the Good Health Clinic, please visit www.bsvagoodhealthclinic.com.

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