Local Liver Expert to Present at Worldwide Hepatitis Conference

Dr. Mitchell Shiffman of the Liver Institute of Virginia will be among a select group of liver disease specialists to present at the 6th Paris Hepatitis Conference (PHC) in January, 2013.

Dr. Shiffman will be joining liver experts from around the world to discuss state of the art techniques for managing patients with hepatitis B and hepatitis C. As a presenter he will be among the outstanding international experts who will present the most recent data as well as the clinical applications in this area.

This year, Dr. Shiffman will be participating on a panel devoted to hepatitis C and the recent spectacular innovations made in the management of that disease. Among the topics to be discussed are a number of new drugs are currently being developed to improve efficacy and tolerance for patients living with chronic hepatitis C. Clinicians will be particularly focused on the new interferon free therapy option, which will allow clinicians to treat all genotypes of HCV effectively. Dr. Shiffman will be addressing the issue at the heart of these discussions with his presentation topic: Which patients should be treated in 2013 and how can we increase their chance of a cure? Which patients can be treated later, based on future options?

The ultimate goal of the Paris Hepatitis Conference will be to review the most current knowledge and discuss their therapeutic applications with the most experienced experts to provide optimal therapy and the best chance of cure to as many patients as possible, worldwide.

The Liver Institute of Virginia
Dr. Mitchell Shiffman is a nationally and internationally recognized authority and regularly teaches other physicians how to treat and care for various liver diseases. His practice treats patients with acute and chronic liver disease of any cause, cirrhosis, liver cancer, and patients who are either waiting for or have received a liver transplant. Educating patients about their liver disease is also a priority at the Liver Institute of Virginia, where Dr. Shiffman and his staff ensure that patients understand how liver disease is affecting their body, and how medications for treatment of liver disease are effective.

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