Women Should Avoid Hip Resurfacing

A new study in The Lancet warns that hip “resurfacing,” an alternative hip replacement procedure, results in earlier failure rates among women and smaller men.

Hip resurfacing operations are supposedly recommended for younger, more active patients who want a greater range of motion than afforded from a traditional replacement. Resurfacing is done for patients with the understanding that more surgery will be required as the joint continues to wear. However, researchers from the University of Bristol analyzed data from the National Joint Registry of England and Wales and found that the failure rate of resurfacing implants (5%) was much higher than that of traditional hip replacements (2%) after 5 years.

In addition to finding a higher overall failure rate, the researchers found that the early failure rate was “unacceptably high” for women, and significantly higher than average for men with smaller femoral heads. Only about 23% of men have large enough hip bones to fare well with this operation, the study found.

If you’re considering a hip surgery or joint replacement, it’s recommended that you speak candidly with your orthopaedic surgeon or sports medicine specialist about the best procedure for your lifestyle and expectations.

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Source: The Advisory Board Company

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