Review of Dr. Mitchell Shiffman’s Book on Chronic Hepatitis C Virus

Paul Angulo, Professor of Medicine at University of Kentucky College of Medicine, recently reviewed Dr. Mitchell Shiffman’s latest book Chronic Hepatitis C Virus: Advances in Treatment, Promise for the Future. Dr. Shiffman’s book is written to help healthcare providers learn the latest treatment options and current medical advances for patients living with chronic hepatitis c.

The book covers most areas in the treatment of hepatitis C infection from the foundations of the disease to the use of antiviral therapies.

“Chronic Hepatitis C Virus: Lessons from the Past, Promise for the Future documents the monumental advances that have been made in our understanding of chronic HCV during the past decade. The first section reviews the natural history of chronic HCV, how this virus can affect other organs in addition to the liver, and whether treating chronic HCV alters the natural history of this disease. Section 2 reviews the advances that have been made in the treatment of chronic HCV during the past decade with interferon based therapy. Separate chapters on response guided therapy and how to manage the adverse events associated with these medications provide the physician with the concepts required to more effectively treat chronic HCV now and in the future. As the genetics of virologic response have recently been elucidated, a chapter is devoted to helping the clinician understand how genes that modulate disease processes and their treatment are identified and utilized in clinical care. Section 3 deals with the future of HCV treatment and specific inhibitors of HCV. Specific chapters explain how targets for drugs are identified and how drugs are then developed and tested; how mutations of HCV develop and how anti-viral agents will affect this process; the most up to date data regarding the treatment of chronic HCV with peginterferon, ribavirin and anti-viral agents; and the potential to treat chronic HCV with just oral anti-viral agents and without peginterferon and ribavirin in the future. The final section of this book covers issues related to liver transplantation in patients with chronic HCV. Separate chapters review the natural history of chronic HCV in liver transplant recipients and the impact of utilizing HCV positive donors. The volume concludes with chapters that cover the treatment of chronic HCV both prior to and after liver transplantation with potent anti-viral agents. Chronic Hepatitis C Virus: Lessons from the Past, Promise for the Future is a valuable resource for all physicians caring for patients with chronic HCV.”

Angulo says of the book, “This is a concise, updated, and well-written book that belongs in the libraries of healthcare providers and researchers in the field of HCV infection as well as medical institutions. I know I will consult my copy on a frequent basis — an unusual event in this era of online delivery.”

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