How to Have the Best Physician Office Visit Possible

Bon_Secours_Women's_Health_Oncology_Cardiac_Care_OB/GYN_childbirthHow many times have you left the doctor’s office and then remembered all of the questions that you wanted to ask? National trends show us that physician-patient interactions are getting quicker than ever. This means that many patients are rushed in and out of the room before they have a chance to remember – or even ask – all their healthcare questions.

Next time, get the most out of your visit with a little preparation. Write down the topics that you would like to discuss, questions that you have, and any other information that you would like to share and/or discuss a few days prior to your visit. This provides you with time to add to your list, as well as, to thoroughly prepare to make the most of your appointment. With the average physician office visit lasting only 19.7 minutes, the conversation with your health care provider needs to get smart fast. Preparation is the key!

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