Want to Lose Weight? Don’t Skip Breakfast!

Susan Szulc, MD

Skipping breakfast is tempting. Often we just don’t have time in the morning to make breakfast. Or maybe we just don’t feel hungry.  However, if you are trying to form healthy eating habits to lose weight, breakfast is a must.

Research shows us that eating breakfast is an integral component of a successful weight loss program. When dieters who ate breakfast were compared to those who didn’t, breakfast-eaters lost MORE weight.

Using Breakfast to Burn Calories

When you eat at regular intervals, your body’s metabolism stays up.  However, when you go for long periods without eating, your body goes into “starvation mode.” Your metabolism slows as it tries to budget energy and to keep energy stored in reserve (aka fat). Then, when you do eat, you tend to overeat because you have allowed yourself to get so hungry.

So What Makes a Healthy Breakfast?

A recent study compared eating a bagel-breakfast to an egg-breakfast, with the same amount of calories in each.  The egg-eaters lost more weight, felt full longer and ate less at lunch. The take home?  Morning protein is another must for a successful diet. This can come in the form of light yogurt, eggs or protein-enriched cereal.

So, when budgeting your calories for the day, be sure to include about 300-350 calories at breakfast.  And don’t forget to account for the calories from your beverage of choice (coffee creamer, juice, etc)!

By eating breakfast regularly you will be rewarded by feeling less hungry and losing more weight in the process. Try it tomorrow!

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About Dr. Susan Szulc
Susan V. Szulc, MD, is a board-certified internist with Bon Secours Medical Associates at Virginia Beach. She received her bachelor of science in microbiology from the University of Florida in Gainesville, Fla. Dr. Szulc earned her medical degree from Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) in Norfolk, Va., where she also completed a residency in internal medicine. Dr. Szulc is board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. She is a member of the American Medical Association, American College of Physicians and American Medical Women’s Association. Dr. Szulc’s special interests include palliative care and hypertension.

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