Allergy Treatments: Allergy Drops vs. Allergy Shots

Do you suffer from allergies and are interested in immunotherapy but don’t want the pain of a needle stick every week? Don’t have the time to make frequent trips to the doctor’s office or wait around you’ve had your shot? Wish you could get a safe and effective allergy treatment at home at your convenience?

You may be a great candidate for allergy drops.

Many people are familiar with the use of allergy shots, or subcutaneous injection immunotherapy, to treat different allergic diseases and asthma. However, few are aware that allergy shots are not the only way that immunotherapy can be given. Allergy drops, or sublingual immunotherapy, taken under the tongue can also be used to treat allergic disease and asthma.

The convenience and delivery of drops makes it a great option for children who are struggling with allergic diseases and asthma. Another benefit is the time is saves for busy patients. Allergy shots are very effective at treating patient’s symptoms but require regular trips to the doctor’s office, and there’s a small risk of a serious allergic reaction with each and every injection.  With allergy drops, there is no need for a weekly trip to the doctor’s office; treatment can be given safely at home as needed.

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Christine Franzese, MD, FAAOA

About Dr. Franzese
Christine Franzese, MD, FAAOA, is a board certified otolaryngologist. She completed a residency in Otolaryngology at University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi. Dr. Franzese’s specialties include: allergies and allergy shots, sinus problems (acute and chronic), mild asthma, obstructive sleep apnea, thyroid masses or nodules, salivary gland disorders and nodules, and pediatric ENT issues (ear infections, tonsillitis). She has surgical expertise with removing tonsils and adenoids, thyroidectomies, parathyroidectomies, parotidectomies, and has extensive experience with sinus surgeries. She offers functional endoscopic sinus surgery, image-guided sinus surgery, and balloon sinuplasty procedures.

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