Am I a Candidate for Balloon Sinuplasty?

Christine Franzese, MD, FAAOA

Do you have trouble with sinus headaches? Do you feel a lot of pressure and pain in your face and forehead? Do you have problems with frequent or chronic sinus infections and have to be on antibiotics often?

It could be that your sinus openings are narrowed or blocked.

Medical technology is constantly advancing and new techniques are available to treat chronic sinus infections, pain, and pressure. One of the new therapeutic options available is balloon sinuplasty. This technique involves inserting a small balloon into the natural opening of a sinus, called an “ostia”, and gently dilating it open. This method of sinus surgery is thought by some to be less traumatic to the tissue that traditional sinus surgery and medical studies have shown that these dilated ostia do tend to stay open, giving patients relief from chronic sinus problems.

Unlike more traditional sinus surgery, this procedure can be done in the office and doesn’t require a trip to the operating room. There is generally minimal pain and discomfort during or after the procedure and no trip to the hospital required!  Not everyone is a candidate for balloon sinuplasty and balloon sinuplasty cannot effectively be used to treat some kinds of sinus diseases, but it is a great treatment option for many patients.

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About Dr. Franzese
Christine Franzese, MD, FAAOA, is a board certified otolaryngologist. She completed a residency in Otolaryngology at University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi. Dr. Franzese’s specialties include: allergies and allergy shots, sinus problems (acute and chronic), mild asthma, obstructive sleep apnea, thyroid masses or nodules, salivary gland disorders and nodules, and pediatric ENT issues (ear infections, tonsillitis). She has surgical expertise with removing tonsils and adenoids, thyroidectomies, parathyroidectomies, parotidectomies, and has extensive experience with sinus surgeries. She offers functional endoscopic sinus surgery, image-guided sinus surgery, and balloon sinuplasty procedures.

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  1. Floyd Henderson

    I am interested in having the balloon sinuplasty procedure. I have been dealing with sinus issues all my life and I currently take flonase as have been for years. I do not have insurance but would be interested in a payment plan and hope that you can assist me. I am very sincere about this and hope to hear from you soon!
    Thank you,
    Floyd Henderson
    804 836 5606

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