New Approach to Joint Surgery Spares Tissue, Accelerates Recovery

Orthopedic surgeon Anthony Carter, former chief of surgery and director of adult reconstruction at Bon Secours Mary Immaculate Hospital in Newport News was recently the first in Hampton Roads to adopt the MAKOplasty system for partial knee replacement surgery.

“The precision you can get with this preplanning with a 3-D model is important for range of motion,” he said. “What I hope to see is that this is another technique to improve the long-term functional results for patients.” Carter first used the technique in December and expects that it will drive up the demand for partial knee replacements over full knee operations.

It’s not the first procedure that Carter, who practices with Hampton Roads Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, has pioneered in Hampton Roads. In 2006 he introduced the “jiffy hip” procedure for hip replacement surgery. As with MAKOplasty, the anterior hip approach is “tissue-sparing,” leaving the muscles and ligaments intact for quicker, more complete recovery.

“A lot pooh-poohed it, but patients wanted it and now they’ve all switched,” he said. He has since taught his techniques to surgeons from the University of Virginia, Emory and Dartmouth. “It’s neat. We teach the teachers,” he added. While the “jiffy hip” took three years to catch on locally, other surgeons in Hampton Roads have already adopted MAKOplasty. “They’re not going to get behind the eight ball on this one,” Carter said.

The advantages of sparing the ligaments, the precision from the CT scan and presurgery modeling, and the possibility of full knee replacement later, if needed make MAKOplasty a great option for active patients interested in a quick recovery and return to activity.

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