6 Health Exams You Should Always Get

Preventive care can save you hundreds of dollars and hours of stress. Below are the six check-ups your should get regularly to stay in good health – try not to skip them! For those of you who may not have great insurance, we’ve tried to include free – or cheap/affordable – options when possible.

  1. Dental Cleanings – You should visit the dentist for a cleaning twice per year.
  2. Eye Exams – Get your eyes checked every three to five years if you’re under age 40 and every two years after that. Notice your vision blurring or difficulty driving at night? Move that appointment up!
  3. Pap Exams – Ladies, see your gynecologist once a year. If you can’t afford the test or are uninsured try to contact your local hospital to see what services may be available to you.
  4. Routine Physicals – Once a year get together with your primary care physician to have a quick health evaluation. This is a great time for you to make sure your shots are up-t0-date, to check your blood pressure and cholesterol, and to address any health issues you may be having. Developing this relationship with a PCP is important to ensuring you stay healthy.
  5. Blood Pressure Checks – If you’re generally healthy, you can use a free blood pressure reader at your local pharmacy (including Rite-Aid and Publix Pharmacies) to make sure your blood pressure is normal (at least once a year). Otherwise, have this done routinely when you go in for your annual pap test or to visit your primary care doctor!
  6. Cholesterol Checks – Every three years you should make sure your cholesterol is healthy. Some pharmacies provide cheap screenings for uninsured individuals, or you can have this done at your routine physical.

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