Become the Chief Medical Officer of Your Family

Taking proactive control of your health can pay off with many rewards, the greatest of which are a better quality of life and perhaps a longer lifespan. For families hoping to get healthier we have a few suggestions, the first being that you should never sacrifice your healthcare needs to save money. Our second point is that making sound healthcare decisions can improve your health and save you money.

Below are some tips on how to make prudent health decisions for your family:

  • Set your body up for success by covering the basics.
    Try to get to a healthy weight, or maintain your healthy weight, by exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet. You should also set aside time for relaxation to keep stress under control. If you do smoke, quit. And if you drink alcohol, do it in moderation.
  • Get your regular screenings.
    If it’s time for a regular healthcare screening, don’t neglect it – make the time. (You can even schedule mammograms online, or request colonoscopies online nowadays!) Getting your cholesterol checked or having that yearly mammogram can uncover conditions that are more easily treated – and usually with less expense – when detected early.
  • Use good judgment for health visits.
    What type of facility should you visit? Visit a hospital emergency department if you have a medical emergency. For minor medical problems or illnesses, like flus, colds, sinus infections, choose your family doctor or an urgent care facility. Also, know when to opt for care at home. If you have a cold, even a severe cold, there really isn’t much a doctor can do other than recommend the best over-the-counter medications to treat your symptoms and offer time-tested advice.
  • Head off major medical issues around the house.
    Changing that burned out light bulb, replace a dead battery in that smoke detector. Those simple duties help prevent the kind of accidents that can lead to serious injury and high medical costs. Many serious or even traumatic injuries could be prevented with a little forethought.

There’s no such thing as bad timing when it comes to making good healthcare decisions, but especially now, when so many of us are looking to save money, proactive thinking can keep you and your budget healthy!

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