Dr. Mitchell Shiffman Interviewed by Wall Street Journal on Hepatitis C Treatment

Dr. Michell Shiffman of Bon Secours' Liver Institute of Virginia

Dr. Michell Shiffman of Bon Secours' Liver Institute of Virginia

In a new article published by the Wall Street Journal, Dr. Mitchell Shiffman of the Liver Institute of Virginia, is weighing in on national trends in HCV treatment. Being diagnosed with a potentially fatal disease, like hepatitis C usually triggers immediate treatment. But a growing number of people infected with hepatitis C are putting off therapy in hope that a new generation of HCV drugs will become available in time to help them.

These new drugs, which could begin hitting pharmacies in a year or two, promise to cure hepatitis C more effectively and with far fewer harsh side effects than the current regimen of medications. While chronic HCV progresses slowly, delayed treatment come with risks.

These risks lead some liver disease specialists like Dr. Shiffman to oppose warehousing hepatitis C patients. “For many patients who would have a favorable response to treatment now, it doesn’t make sense to me to put their treatment off,” says Dr. Shiffman. Dr. Shiffman has served as a consultant to some of the hepatitis C drug developers and has conducted clinical trials of the drugs… Read the full Wall Street Journal article.

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