Treating Mandible Tori, Growths in the Jaw

Torus mandibularis or mandibular torus are very common bony growths that many people have.  They tend to grow on the inside of the jaw facing the tongue and most of the time, patients have them on both sides of the jaw (as seen in these pictures at right).

These bony growths are benign, not cancerous, and tend to grow slowly over time.  They also tend to be more common among males – though women do get them as well.  About one in ten people in the United States will have or develop these bony growths during their lifetime.

Why do these growths happen? No one know for sure. Research shows that there seems to be an association between the condition and bruxism, teeth grinding. The size of these growths can vary over time.  Sometime they can grow so large they touch each other in the mid-line of mouth as pictured above.

Sometimes ulcers or chronic irritation can develop over these growths or they may make it difficult to fit dental appliances and dentures. If that happens, a very simple outpatient surgery can be done to completely remove them (picture below).

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About Dr. Christine Franzese
Christine Franzese, MD, FAAOA, is a board certified otolaryngologist. She completed a residency in Otolaryngology at University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi. Dr. Franzese’s specialties include: allergies and allergy shots, sinus problems (acute and chronic), mild asthma, obstructive sleep apnea, thyroid masses or nodules, salivary gland disorders and nodules, and pediatric ENT issues (ear infections, tonsillitis). She has surgical expertise with removing tonsils and adenoids, thyroidectomies, parathyroidectomies, parotidectomies, and has extensive experience with sinus surgeries. She offers functional endoscopic sinus surgery, image-guided sinus surgery, and balloon sinuplasty procedures.

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    1. Dr.ChristineFranzese


      I do this procedure fairly commonly, but only when medically necessary. Most commonly, I do this for people who are unable to be properly fitted for dental appliances, like dentures or partial dentures, due to tori. On some occasions I’ve performed the procedure when the tori are large and causing the tissue covering them (the oral mucosa) to thin and result in chronic ulceration and bleeding.

      Recovery from the removal varies depending on the size of the tori, but any incision made to remove them is generally healed within seven days.

      Stay healthy!

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