Allergy Sufferers Have Access to New Treatment, Allergy Drops, in Hampton Roads

Hampton Roads allergy sufferers are bracing themselves for pollen season. And Dr. Christine Franzese, an otolaryngologist at Bon Secours DePaul in Norfolk is seeing more and more patients coming her way – especially with forecasts predicting a particularly bad pollen year.

Dr. Franzese says medications and injections can help, but she’s now prescribing allergy drops.

“Hold them under your tongue for two minutes and that’s it. You do it once a day every day. It’s great for kids. I have a lot of kids on this. Wonderful for college students that can’t come every week to get their shots and it’s great for patients who don’t like getting needles stuck in their arm every week,” Franzese said.

She adds that you don’t want to take pollen inside with you and recommends taking a shower and washing your hair after you’ve been outside.

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