July Is Firework Safety Month

Celebrate safely if using fireworks this July 4thFireworks are an Independence Day tradition. While many families like to go and see professional displays on July 4th, others may prefer to put on a small show of their own. As long as fireworks are legal where you intend to set them off, enjoy yourself, but follow these tips.

Obey local laws. If fireworks are illegal where you live, don’t use them. They’re illegal for a reason: dry, hot weather and fireworks don’t mix. Check with your local authorities to see what types of fireworks are permitted in your city or county. Many only permit sparklers.

Know what you’re using. Read the item’s performance descriptions and warning labels before you ignite it. Only use fireworks outside. Even sparklers can present a serious fire hazard indoors.

Have a designated person lighting the fireworks or sparklers – too many people reaching for a firework or sparkler at once is a recipe for burns.

Do not use fireworks while consuming alcohol.

Supervise your children if they are using fireworks. 40 percent of fireworks-related injuries happen to those younger than 15 years old. Don’t let small children handle fireworks or sparklers.

Wear safety glasses whenever using fireworks. You may feel silly, but many fireworks injuries are eye-related. Protect yourself.

Always have water nearby. If a firework is a “dud” or does not ignite, do not attempt to relight it. Wait twenty minutes before soaking it in water. Soak spent fireworks in water before disposing of them in an outdoor trash can.

Approximately 9,000 fireworks-related injuries are reported every year. Protect yourself with these tips so that you can have a safe and happy 4th of July.

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    Thanks for the firework tips. I wrote a few blogs on firework safety, including how to transport them from the store to your home. I didn’t mention safety goggles though, so thanks for that tip! I’d love to share some additional insight on firework safety. You can read them at http://destinationsafety.com.

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