Celebrate National Family Health and Fitness Day This Weekend

Tomorrow is National Family Health and Fitness Day, and it’s a great time to work with your family to start healthier routines. Fall is a season of change, and many kids are still newly back in school, making it a great time to make healthier choices and get outside with the family to enjoy the great autumn weather.

Need some ideas? Finding ways to incorporate small changes into your daily routines can also be an effective approach — and one that’s easier to adopt. Walk with your kids to the bus stop, park farther away at the grocery store and when running errands, or walk to your mailbox instead of stopping in your car on the way home. Swap soda for water a few meals per week, opt for 1% or fat-free milk instead of 2%, and try a piece of fruit instead of candy when you’re craving something sweet. These small steps can add up to noticeable results on their own, and they can serve as great stepping stones into an even healthier and more active lifestyle.

And if time and weather permit this weekend, try visiting a park or getting outside as a family and enjoy being physically active together — just don’t forget the sunscreen!

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