Don’t Forget to Secure Your Flat Screen TV

With flat screen televisions becoming the common standard in many homes, a recent study has shown that more children are showing up in hospitals with TV-related injuries. At the top of the list? Falling televisions.

Flat screen TVs are thinner and lighter than their predecessors, making them easy targets for toddlers and small children who are curious or just looking for something to grab onto as they pull themselves up from the floor. The most common resulting injuries were head wounds, neck wounds, and concussions.

What can you do? Place your television on sturdy furniture so that it won’t topple if a toddler reaches for the TV stand. Even if it’s on a television stand or entertainment center, consider mounting it to the wall as an extra precaution. If you’ve already opted for a wall-mounted flat screen, make sure it’s properly installed. If possible, mount it out of toddler reach. It may also be helpful to mount the furniture to the wall or floor with a do-it-yourself kit.

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