Take Steps to Prevent Diabetes

We’ve all heard of the “food coma,” the lazy, sluggish feeling that many people experience after eating a meal. But resist the temptation to nap or retire to the couch after dinner — researchers have found that taking a 15-minute walk after each meal can help to improve your blood sugar more than taking a single 45-minute walk each day.

Whether you’re just taking a quick stroll solo, walking with your spouse or dog, or running errands, simply getting out and walking helps to prevent a spike in blood sugar after a meal. Elevated blood sugar after a meal is a risk factor both for Type 2 diabetes and for heart disease. And lowering your blood sugar by taking a walk can also help lower your triglyceride levels.

So try eating dinner in your sneakers, then just head out the door for a quick tour of the neighborhood once you’ve finished eating. It’s a small step that can lead to more energy, reduced diabetes risk, and better overall health.

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