Revisional surgery an option for weight loss

Though today’s bariatric surgeries are advanced, helping more than 90 percent of people lose and keep off 50 percent or more of their excess body weight, some patients experience complications after surgery that cause weight regain or prevent them from losing enough weight.

In some circumstances, the chosen bariatric procedure may not have addressed all of the patient’s needs. For instance, patients may still have problems that prevent them from feeling full and allow them to overeat. In other cases, due to unforeseen life events or a lack of support, patients are unable to stick to diet and exercise changes. Without these changes, surgery may be less effective, leading to weight regain. Some patients who had surgery years ago, before the most up-to-date techniques were available, may struggle more than they should to maintain their weight loss.

At the Bon Secours Surgical Weight Loss Center, we are dedicated to providing lifelong support to help patients maintain weight loss that will improve their quality of life and their health.

If you have previously had weight loss surgery and have regained weight or feel like you didn’t achieve your goals following surgery, there’s still hope. For some patients, a revisional surgery can turn the previous procedure into something more effective, giving them a second chance at significant weight loss. This is especially true for patients who had a procedure ten or more years ago.

Don’t give up hope on a healthier life. Attend one of our free revisional bariatric surgery seminars to learn more about your options.

By Eric DeMaria, MD

About Dr. DeMaria – A pioneer in bariatric surgery and a specialist in gastric bypass  with experience with a number of surgical procedures used in the treatment of obesity, Dr. DeMaria has 23 years of experience and has performed over 2,000 bariatric surgery procedures. He is considered an expert in advanced laparoscopic surgery procedures.  His surgical skills are often sought for high risk patients and those with complications, as well as patients in need of revisional procedures to correct complications or reverse weight regain.

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