What is a hospitalist?

In the past, primary care physicians would manage hospital care if one of their established patients was admitted to the hospital. In the last twenty years, however, that care has been taken over by a hospitalist, a physician who specializes in caring for patients in a hospital setting.

Hospitalists oversee all aspects of patient care during hospitalization. Because they spend all or nearly all of their work day inside the hospital, as opposed to at an outside clinic, they can provide efficient and attentive care to patients. They serve as a link between the patient and their primary care physician, who otherwise may only be able to visit their patients only once a day for a short time.

Because hospitalists only see patients in a hospital setting, they are also able to anticipate the unique needs of a hospitalized patient and oversee the distribution of drugs, any transitions between hospital departments and patient discharges. This has led to a decrease in how long patients have to stay in the hospital, a decrease in deaths of hospitalized patients and a decrease in the rates of patients who are re-admitted to the hospital shortly after being discharged.

If you or a loved one is hospitalized at a Bon Secours Hampton Roads facility, your care will be overseen by a hospitalist who specializes in providing the highest quality hospital care. Learn more about our hospitalist programs at Bon Secours DePaul Medical Center, Bon Secours Maryview Medical Center and Bon Secours Mary Immaculate Hospital.

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