Top 5 Healthy Holiday Gifts

Photo: Markus Spiske /

Photo: Markus Spiske /

Still need ideas for great Christmas gifts? Take a look at these great gifts that can help you or your loved ones get healthier in 2015.

Fitness Trackers

Great new technologies are allowing you to monitor your health in all sorts of great ways! Fitness tracker bracelets like FitBit, Nike Fuel bands and many others track how many steps you take per day, how well you sleep and even your heart rate! These are great tools to help keep your physical activity on track.

Smartphone Blood Pressure Cuff

An at-home blood pressure cuff is an essential part of monitoring your health, especially if you have conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes. New cuffs attach directly to your smartphone, record your results over time and allow you to email the results to your physician.

Healthy Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are increasingly popular, allowing you to receive monthly boxes full of anything from fashionable clothes to dog treats. Now there are great healthy food boxes to help you stick to healthy snacks, get more fruit or even find new workouts. As a bonus, these truly are the gifts that keep on giving month after month.

Blender/Food Processor

Cooking with healthy substitutions often requires a high-quality blender or food processor. After all, if you are going to use cottage cheese instead of cream cheese in a cheesecake, you need to be able to get it to smooth texture. Plus, these handy kitchen gadgets make blending frozen fruits into smoothies or chopping vegetables easy.

Heart Care Package

Help your loved ones keep an eye on their heart health by purchasing them a Heart Care Package. The package includes a calcium CT scan, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar screenings and risk assessments. A personal health coach goes over all the information with you to help you better understand what you can do to keep your heart healthy.

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  1. Louise Edwards

    I love these ideas. I gave myself the last gift – Heart Scan – last year and it turned out to have been an important test. Thanks for making it available…

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