Spring into Fitness: Set Goals

fitnessBy Aaron McKissick, sports performance coordinator at Bon Secours In Motion

Spring, what a great time of year! The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and the weather is getting warmer. Once spring arrives, we tend to start changing up our routine, tidying the house and getting things in order. Yet too often the one thing we forget to “spring clean” is ourselves.

The month of May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, and there isn’t a better time to kick start your fitness goals for the summer.  Here to help are a few simple tips:

  1. Write your fitness goals down. Getting your goals down on paper is a simple way to conceptualize what needs to be done. Make sure they are reasonable and obtainable. Don’t set yourself up for failure.
  2. Don’t be afraid to reward yourself for reaching milestones along your fitness journey. Mini rewards will help keep you focused and give you something to look forward to in the short term.
  3. Bail on the “all or nothing” approach. Perhaps your goal is to lose 50 pounds by December but your current trend has you only losing 32 pounds by December. Don’t get discouraged and give up. Look at it as 32 pounds less than where you were when your journey started.
  4. Find different ways to keep yourself motivated. Use every resource around you to your advantage. The more you are motivated, the easier it is to work toward your goals.

Remember, there is no time like the present to start working on your health and fitness, nor is there a better way to get you motivated than National Physical Fitness and Sports Month!

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