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Non-Invasive Treatment of Tonsil Stones Can Control Symptoms of Tonsilloliths

Many people have heard of kidney stones or gall stones. Not many people have heard of tonsil stones or “tonsilloliths”, even though they are relatively common. In fact, you may know someone that has them! What are Tonsil Stones? Tonsils are made of lymphoid tissue and they are near the back of your mouth, near […]

Contact Dermatitis From Jewelry May Be Behind Your Rash

You may know someone that has trouble wearing certain types of jewelry or develops an itchy rash when that person uses some type of lotion or shampoo.  This kind of red, itchy rash is called contact dermatitis, and is usually caused by contact with a foreign substance. Since the irritant or allergen must come in […]

Identifying and Treating Atopic Dermatitis, Eczema, in Children and Adults

There are many different types of skin rashes, some of which are related to allergic disorders. Eczema, which is one of those skin conditions that is associated with allergies (pictured to the right). Eczema is also known as “atopic dermatitis” and is basically an inflammation of the outer layer of your skin. Atopic dermatitis (AD, […]

High Pollen Counts Bring Bad News for Allergy Patients in Hampton Roads

Forecasts have predicted that this year would be one of the worst years for allergy suffers as pollen counts were estimated to be high this year and so far, these forecasts seem to be accurate. According to the Washington Post, Thursday April 18, 2013 was one of the worst days ever for those allergic to […]

Irritation from Cold Wind and Water Can Lead to Painful Condition, Surfer’s Ear

Surfing is popular in all beach communities, Virginia Beach included.  But with surfing can come a painful and damaging condition many people know little about – Surfer’s Ear. Surfer’s Ear shouldn’t be confused with Swimmer’s ear, which is a common infection of the outer ear canal. Surfer’s Ear is the common name for one or […]

New Advances in Identifying and Treating Salivary Gland Stones

Many people have heard of kidney stones or gallstones, but not many have heard of salivary gland stones.  Salivary gland stones, called sialolithiasis, is when a stone forms in one of your salivary glands, the glands which make saliva. Stones are most commonly found in the submandibular gland, which is underneath your jaw, and parotid […]

Treating Nasal Polyps with Sinus Surgery

Nasal polyps are benign, smooth growths of inflamed nasal mucosa, the tissue lining the nose or sinuses. Typically, these types of polyps will start on the inside of the nose near or in a sinus and grow outward into the more open areas of the nose. Sometimes the polyps can grow to be so large […]

Treating Mandible Tori, Growths in the Jaw

Torus mandibularis or mandibular torus are very common bony growths that many people have.  They tend to grow on the inside of the jaw facing the tongue and most of the time, patients have them on both sides of the jaw (as seen in these pictures at right). These bony growths are benign, not cancerous, […]

Allergic “Shiners” or Black Eyes

Allergies and the inflammation caused by allergies can do a lot different things to your body, but not many people realize that allergies can cause or contribute to the dark, puffy circles that appear under your eyes. These dark, under-eye circles are called “allergic shiners” and are often seen in people that have allergies. The […]

Spring is Coming, and So Is Allergy Season!

As the winter weather lets up, we all begin to look forward to springtime and warmer weather. Well, maybe not everyone! Springtime can be some patients’ worst time of year for allergy symptoms, and people often wonder what is causing spikes in their allergy symptoms. Late winter and springtime are when trees begin to pollinate. […]