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7 Steps to Better Allergy Relief

Are you a chronic allergy sufferer? This year, you can find relief for your allergy symptoms with a visit to Dr. Christine Franzese, an ENT allergy specialist in Hampton Roads. If you’re planning to visit an allergist, the first step to a successful treatment plan is to be sure your doctor has all the information […]

High Pollen Counts Bring Bad News for Allergy Patients in Hampton Roads

Forecasts have predicted that this year would be one of the worst years for allergy suffers as pollen counts were estimated to be high this year and so far, these forecasts seem to be accurate. According to the Washington Post, Thursday April 18, 2013 was one of the worst days ever for those allergic to […]

Allergy Sufferers Have Access to New Treatment, Allergy Drops, in Hampton Roads

Hampton Roads allergy sufferers are bracing themselves for pollen season. And Dr. Christine Franzese, an otolaryngologist at Bon Secours DePaul in Norfolk is seeing more and more patients coming her way – especially with forecasts predicting a particularly bad pollen year. Dr. Franzese says medications and injections can help, but she’s now prescribing allergy drops. […]

Irritation from Cold Wind and Water Can Lead to Painful Condition, Surfer’s Ear

Surfing is popular in all beach communities, Virginia Beach included.  But with surfing can come a painful and damaging condition many people know little about – Surfer’s Ear. Surfer’s Ear shouldn’t be confused with Swimmer’s ear, which is a common infection of the outer ear canal. Surfer’s Ear is the common name for one or […]

3 Ways to Tackle Spring Allergies in Hampton Roads

Spring took awhile to come to Hampton Roads this year, but spring allergy season has already kicked up – and will be hanging around through midsummer. Warming temperatures can mean suffering for those who struggle with seasonal allergies. If you are having difficulty functioning due to itchy eyes or sinus headaches, you may want to […]

Allergy Treatments: Allergy Drops vs. Allergy Shots

Do you suffer from allergies and are interested in immunotherapy but don’t want the pain of a needle stick every week? Don’t have the time to make frequent trips to the doctor’s office or wait around you’ve had your shot? Wish you could get a safe and effective allergy treatment at home at your convenience? […]

New Allergy Treatments to Stop the Seasonal Sniffles

If it seems like your allergies get worse with age, it’s not your imagination. “Literature has shown once you develop an allergy to one thing, you become much more likely to develop allergies to additional things,” said Dr. Christine B. Franzese, a board-certified otolaryngic allergist at Bon Secours DePaul/EVMS Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck […]