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Fryer-less February for Heart Health!

Want to get healthier? Kick fried foods to the curb for your best mental and physical health. Fried foods don’t just feed your waistline, they can also cause heart disease, exacerbate high blood pressure, clog arteries, and tend to be “trigger foods” for those who suffer from acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome. Here are […]

What You Don’t Know About Heart Disease Can Hurt You

Despite tremendous advances in caring for patients with heart disease, some conditions remain under-treated and under-diagnosed. Aortic stenosis, a narrowing of the aortic valve, is one of those conditions. Aortic stenosis is a common valvular heart disease that increases in frequency as we age. Often unrelated to other heart diseases, it can lead to serious […]

Dance & Fun: Day of Dance, Peninsula

Day of Dance for Heart Health at Thomas Nelson Community College is about dance. And heart health. And dance. And a helicopter and the Chik-fil-A® cow! Be prepared to enjoy serious health information from top Bon Secours-aligned doctors, and, a healthy measure of dance and light-hearted fun. Free Red Boas are given to the first […]